Fees and Billing Information

Schedule of Fees - Private Patients

DescriptionPrivate patient feeMedicare RebatePrivate patient 'out of pocket'
Consultation lasting less than 5 minutes$37.90$17.85$20.05
Consultation lasting less than 20 minutes$75.85$39.10$38.10
Consultation lasting more than 20 minutes but less than 40 minutes$113.85$75.75$32.20
Consultation lasting more than 40 minutes$151.70$111.50$40.20

Other Items that may incur a fee – which are rebatable from Medicare

Description of Treatment/ServicePrivate patient feeMedicare RebatePrivate patient 'out of pocket'
Implanon - insert$38.60$31.30$7.10
Implanon - removal of$65.85$53.75$12.10
Nurse Antenatal Check$29.05$24.10$4.95
Antenatal visit$50.70$41.70$9.00
Cryo > 10$42.95$35.00$7.95
Pregnancy test$10.87$8.65$2.22
Superficial foreign body (eye) removal$25.55$20.80$4.75
Aspiration of Haematoma$29.65$24.20$5.45
Insertion of IUD - Mirena$92.05$47.35$44.35
Iron Infusion